We all want to know what the best franchises are in any given year particularly the best franchises 2018. The franchise industry is often characterised by the general economy and the best franchises are no exception, so when there is, for example, high demand in one sector of the economy then those companies that offer franchises in that specific market tend to do well. In previous years this has been the reason for the huge growth in care and coffee based franchises both of which are very popular today.

The Franchise industry however does follow trends that don’t always last so the most important point if you are considering which is the best franchise in 2018 for you personally is to consider if it will also be the best franchise in 2019 and beyond? In the case of sales and marketing franchises we see Motor Republic as a solid new franchise who’s business model is on trend and of course everyone will always be buying cars!

Perhaps one of the best placed management consultant franchise options is Lime’s own franchise support franchise because regardless of which sector is performing the best you can fish where the fish are, so if low cost franchises are all the rage then you can concentrate there, and if the latest coffee franchise is designed for todays coffee market then that franchise can outperform the existing ones. The franchise industry has grown through the last two recessions and every year for the last few decades, this means that it is resilient and when you work in a growing market your opportunities to grow increase each year rather than decrease.

Here’s our pick of the best franchises 2018

Best mobile coffee franchise Best Franchises 2018
23rd November 2017

Best Mobile Coffee Franchise

The best mobile coffee franchise in the UK is launching SOON! Lime Licensing Group is launching a new mobile coffee franchise. The business model is purposely designed to be the…

Best franchises 2018 Best Franchises 2018
5th September 2017

Professional Services

  Lime Licensing Group has the best franchise in 2018 for consultants / recruitment orientated executives. Become a franchise consultant providing professional assistance to franchisors and franchisees this business format...
Best Franchises 2018
29th August 2017

Sales & Marketing

Best franchises 2018 Sales Marketing Motor Republic is an automotive success story based upon 20 years providing the public, businesses and organisations with market leading financial and leasing packages to...
Best Franchises 2018
29th August 2017

Care in the community

The best care based franchise in 2018 We first encountered the team at Driving Miss Daisy early in 2017 and were immediately impressed by this franchise. Driving Miss Daisy provides...