Best Franchises 2019

Looking into the future what will be the best franchises 2019? Trends come and go in the franchise industry and there is no doubt that each year there are winners and losers. What was the best franchise in 2018 does not make it the best franchise in 2019! However, as the UK heads into the Brexit era there will be winners and losers. But which brands are the best franchises for you in 2019?

When you consider the best business models a good place to start is which sectors have historically proven to be resilient no matter what the economy is doing. A good business is always a good business! The best franchises in 2019 might be those business models that have always had demand in previous years and through recessions and the credit crunch. Here’s a few we think you should be looking at straight away for this reason.

Best Franchises 2019 – Mobile Coffee. The market for coffee delivered directly to workplaces, offices and other venues is now very well established. We particularly like Coffee Blue which has one of the best mobile coffee franchises available. This is mainly due to the fact that one of the countries best vehicle converters is behind the brand! Franchisees have flexibility, profitability and it’s quick to set up. Find out more about Coffee Blue here.

Best Franchises 2019 – Pest Control. Let’s face it if you’ve got a pest issue you’re going to sort it out aren’t you? We think the best pest control franchise is Pestbusters Pest Control who launched a franchise recently. The West Midlands firm is a big player in the UK market and offers a great pest control franchise. We think it’s one of the best franchises in 2019 provided you are happy working out and about and aren’t too squeamish!

Best Franchises 2019 – Vehicle Leasing. We all need transport and owning a car is essential to most. Brexit might throw up some problems for certain manufacturers and sentiment might affect brands from certain countries. It depends on how those countries are perceived to have dealt with the UK’s exit. We like Motor Republic in this sector because they deal with every make and model of car and van available. So it doesn’t matter where the demand comes from they can supply it.

As you read this now the team at Lime are busy designing a brilliant Indian take away concept and also a made to measure tailoring franchise, both brands will go live by Summer 2018 and are tipped to be category franchise leaders throughout 2019. If you’d like advance notice of these franchises please contact us!