Vanarama is one of the best franchises in the UK

About 18 months ago we got a call from a chap called Andy Alderson who told us all about his commercial vehicle leasing business. We’ve seen this type of business pop up in the franchise industry before but Andy’s story was different because he has previously been a franchisee himself with a rubbish franchisor who went bust! Following that he cracked on without the franchisor and 6 years later he ended up with Britain’s largest independent commercial vehicle broker! Having achieved that he now wanted to explore how he could create a franchise network to have representation in every region of the UK and to cut a long story short our own Andy Cheetham travelled to Tring in Hertfordshire to meet with Andy Alderson and his co directors to see what all the fuss was about.

By February 2012 we had designed the franchise and created the franchise route map, we did this with the existing team at Vanarama where we could so that some of the less franchise specific elements could be done in house. ┬áIn mid April 2012 we launched the Vanarama franchise and 12 months on we have recruited a network of 18 franchisees despite turning down numerous applicants. Now entering their second year in franchising Vanarama is the biggest franchised commercial leasing firm having overtaken all the direct competitors along the way with our help. 2013/14 is going to be a big year for Vanarama who are rolling out a national advertising campaign too, and when we say national we don’t mean a few newspaper ads – we’re talking full on brand awareness to make Vanarama a household name.