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The 100 most valuable brands in the world are worth $2.55 trillion, together this would make them the 6th biggest country in the world by GDP ahead of Russia, Brazil and India, and most of those brands are licensed! We can teach you how they’ve done it.

Brand Licensing – Full Service Agency

When you engage with us our focus is on brand stretching and brand extension techniques coupled with elite licensing strategies that establish your brand in new markets and categories. Licensing your brand to others allows you to mine new revenue streams with other organisations who are better placed to exploit certain channels than you are. Our brand licensing agency with brand licensing can create a true win win and it is a process that requires expert input from the outset.

Lime Licensing Group is a full service agency, that means that we can help and assist at every point of your journey as a licensor, choose us for a simple project or rely on us to manage the whole department under your supervision.

Our Brand Management skills are unique in the industry because as business owners ourselves we fully understand the anxiety and risk that you’ll feel when allowing other people to represent you or trade with your brand. Since 1991 though that’s all that what we’ve done so you’ll be in good hands with Lime Licensing Group and our glowing references will confirm that.

We also have considerable expertise in the closely allied field of franchising and we have been able to develop, over many years, a Brand Management blueprint that is totally unique to us and one that has all the characteristics of the elite operators in both the licensing and franchising worlds. We also keep a flexible approach when agreeing the terms under which we are engaged and probably have no two agreements that are the same with any client as a result.

We are also full members of LIMA The International Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association and you’ll find us at many of their events and numerous key licensing events around the UK. We follow best practice and the code of ethics and operation of all the major bodies in the Licensing world.

The world of licensing is truly international and there are numerous events throughout the world concerned with Brand Licensing including the following:

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