Lime Licensing Group has been the advisory team behind numerous market leading brands, if you are looking to franchise a business in 2018 then we have a franchising pedigree to help you and our expertise and results are second to none. Our management team have come from franchising backgrounds, running successful franchised networks and recruiting franchisees in every sector, we now assist others to do the same and are fluent in every area of franchising whether that is business to business or business to consumer and at every investment level at home and overseas.

We cover every element required to successfully franchise a business beginning with intellectual property and a comprehensive amount of consultancy including competitor analysis, financial modelling and the creation of compelling marketing and narrative along with all of the inventory you’ll need to be taken seriously by the franchise community. Many of our clients who came to us to franchise a business have become market leading multi million pound brands with our help.

We don’t deal in ideas or guesswork, when you engage with Lime Licensing Group to franchise a business we work on proven strategies that have worked for dozens of our clients. We don’t take risks with your brand, we know what works, what doesn’t and can navigate your team through the tangled expensive mess that franchise marketing has become. We have recruited almost 2000 franchisees for dozens of brands and we own one of the UK’s largest franchise directories; which has around 29,000 potential franchisees on it’s books, there’s a very good chance that your first franchisees may already be known to us as a result.

Franchising a business

One potential stepping stone often considered for taking a business to the next level is the adoption of the franchising model. Basically, franchising a business is the granting of a licence by one person (the franchisor) to another (the franchisee). The license entitles the franchisee to trade as their own business under the brand name of the franchisor.

The franchisee will follow the proven business model comprising a package of all the necessary components, which will enable a person who is previously untrained in the business to run the franchise with continual assistance, according to an agreed – and renewable – contract length.

Our advisors carry out a critical analysis

At the outset of a consultation with a client thinking of franchising a business, our advisors carry out a critical analysis to evaluate whether it is appropriate, suitable and robust enough to take on the new model.

The business model must be:

  • Proven to have been successfully worked for at least 12 months in the same way it is expected to operate as a franchise.
  • Capable of being transferred and franchised in other locations.
  • Realistically able to be taught to the required standards.
  • Properly registered and protected as a franchise brand.

Throughout the initial process, our approach is to seriously address the all-important question as to whether franchising is right for the business, and provide our clients with an honest appraisal.