The UK Franchise Consultant Franchise


Franchise Consultant Franchise – A unique franchise opportunity based on 25 years hands on experience within the franchise industry

Opportunities in the UK and Overseas

Brand Licensing and Franchising can be complex affairs that requires expert management, professional composure and access to a knowledge bank and inventory that has proven to work for numerous brands in different sectors. There are many pitfalls and obstacles for new and established licensed businesses and the vast majority of successful brands engage with an advisory firm like ours. Those that don’t often fail and regret their decision to launch a franchise in the first place – we have seen them come and go over the years!

We design and create franchise systems and then take a hands on role to develop the franchise network for our clients. If you’ve got good interpersonal skills, a professional demeanour and the ability to deal with every different type of person at every level from CEO down to Receptionist then you can use that personality in our brilliant business! If you also happen to have knowledge of recruitment, brand name licensing, franchising, recruitment or similar experience, and are relatively IT savvy too then you’ll hit the ground running a bit faster from the get go.

Lime Licensing Group has honed it’s methods, put it’s necks on the line time after time and developed into a unique full service agency firm – which is busier than ever! It’s time to bring in a couple of high calibre Franchise Consultants to work with us and to own their own Lime Licensing Group Franchise Consultant franchise. When you join us the rewards are numerous, not just financial, equity involvement is also a possibility and working with us and our clients will certainly enable you to learn new skills that will last a lifetime, our services will always be in demand.

Who are we looking for?

We want licensing professionals or at least white collar execs who have similar experience. Most of what we do can be taught and what you’re not capable of doing right now can be provided centrally until such time as you can facilitate it yourself. With over 1900 single unit franchise sales behind us and some great licensing deals with character merchandise, music, and in the training sector we’re more successful than almost anyone or any firm out there.

The rewards are exceptional, you can expect to reach a six figure income with a small number of successful clients although you’ll need to fund £22,500 at the outset to cover your training and launch period.

Contact us today in confidence to discuss the opportunities that we have, and we’ll give you a glimpse into our amazing business and how you can join us.