franchise consultantSee us as a competent supplier able to complete a short term individual task on your behalf or directly manage your entire department on an ongoing retained basis. There are very few organisations or consultants with our unique blend of hands on experience and advisory pedigree gained at the sharp end of franchising and licensing since 1991. Lime Licensing Group also exclusively manages the UK’s largest mobile based franchise directory and all our clients secure free marketing as a result.

Specialist Support

If you don’t have direct sector experience or have limited hands on knowledge then it is imperative that you have a support from a specialist to guide you. Even if you consider yourself to be a highly experienced franchise brand, our involvement in your business brings diverse experience gained with many elite franchisors from dozens of different sectors and the strategies and lessons learned can be of enormous benefit to your organisation.

We always start with a no obligation appraisal of your brand and its prospects and then discuss how we can help you to achieve your aspirations and objectives. Like all the successful brands that we advise, we too have our own unique systems and processes that have helped us, and our clients, over many years and we love to work with you to implement what we know consistently works for other franchisors and licensors.

Our franchise support UK and licensing work for new brands usually spans 10 weeks and we believe that it is the most comprehensive “consultant led” franchise and licensing set up program currently available in the UK. Even established brands can benefit enormously by revisiting the key areas and decisions that all successful franchisors and licensed organisations have made.

We work with you on numerous areas including :

  • Feasibility work
  • Intellectual Property & Trademarks
  • Information Memorandum
  • Licensing Sector Strategy
  • Franchise Prospectus
  • Operational Manuals
  • Franchise Territory Mapping
  • Franchise Agreements & Legals
  • Welcome packs
  • Franchise Recruitment Campaign
  • Press & Public relations
  • UK & International
  • Troubleshooting
  • Network underperformance solutions
  • Franchisee network management
  • Franchise Resales

Complete Franchise Support in the UK

That said, we believe in a flexible approach to provide a complete support service so if you have require franchise advice please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.