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One thing you can be sure of when you decide to look at buying a franchise resale is that there are always a good selection of existing businesses for sale. Franchises are available for a variety of reasons including:

1) The franchisee has run the business for a while and simply wants a change rather than commit to another 5 year term – this is very common,
2) The franchisor and the franchisee don’t agree with the direction the brand is taking – this may or may not be an issue for you.
3) The franchisee wishes to sell to release capital for something else
4) The franchise is profitable stable and doing well, and the owner thinks this is the right time to realise it’s full value
5) The franchise isn’t working for the franchisee – but it might do for you
6) The franchisees personal circumstances have changed, maybe through divorce, or a partner’s work situation, or the arrival of a young family etc etc and the business no longer fits with their situation.
7) The franchise is failing and the owner has lost the will to fix it – in which case a new owner is often the only fix required
8) Some franchisees have found their skill set isn’t ideal for the business and need to do something else
9) The Franchisee wishes to retire
10) The Franchisor owns the franchise and wishes to appoint a franchisee to run it

In any event a good business works in all areas and can become a valuable asset that you too will sell on at some point. The key point is that although you’ll often pay more than for a start up you will be straight into cash flow from Day 1, with clients and a reputation already earned. Franchise Resales are a great way to acquire a business and we can also help you with raising capital too.

Here’s a selection of some of the franchise resales we currently have on our books, contact us for full details of any of these and we’ll send you a fact sheet by return.

We have several coffee franchises available around the UK in the following regions:

  1. Mobile coffee franchise in Cheshire
  2. Mobile cafe franchise in Birmingham: Turnover £75,000 Net Profit 35% Asking Price £32,000
  3. Van coffee round franchise in Sheffield: COMING SOON
  4. Mobile coffee van franchise in Motherwell: Turnover £48,000 Net Profit £16,000 Asking Price £20,000
  5. Mobile coffee round in Cambridgeshire:Turnover £72,000 Net Profit £22,000 Asking Price £27,000
  6. Mobile coffee franchise in North Lincolnshire: Turnover £63,000 Net Profit £21,000 Asking Price £19,950

We’ve also go a few brilliant wedding venue styling franchises for sale in the following regions:

  1. Wedding venue styling franchise in East Yorkshire: Asking Price £12,000
  2. Chair Cover hire Franchise in York: COMING SOON
  3. Wedding & event styling franchise in Harrogate: £17,995 with forward order book!

If you’re a petrol head how about this great 4×4 Vehicle Hire Franchise

  1. Range Rover and Land Rover hire franchise in Leicester: Turnover £24,000 Net Profit AOR Asking Price £17,500
  2. 4×4 vehicle hire franchise in Surrey: Turnover £24,000 Net Profit AOR Asking Price £19,000


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Feel free to contact us at any time by calling our phone 01274 662001 or send us an email via our contact page.