Our management team has unrivalled expertise in franchisee recruitment in the UK. This isn’t some throw away statement either because more than any other advisory firm our experience comes from both ownership of franchise companies as well as managing dozens of recruitment campaigns for franchising entrepreneurs in a consultancy capacity.

Our strength and focus lies in recruiting franchisees in the UK. It doesn’t matter if you have a well established brand or a completely new franchisor, the nuances of franchisee recruitment and human nature are the same and we have a totally unique recruitment process honed from years of front line experience. Establishing a franchise network required consistent effort, financial commitment and patience because recruiting franchisees is a long term project.

New enquiries are databased as they come in, details of the prospective franchise are issued immediately and then a series of traditional and innovative follow ups moves every enquiry through a specific process. Literally every week a client of Lime Licensing Group recruits a new franchisee and we carefully strike the right balance between persistent and pushy, professional or poor! We don’t believe in large volumes of automatic email follow ups to potential franchisees either!

Lime’s team is proficient in the use of most CRM systems including Salesforce, Zoho, Act! and Daylite and email’s that we send can appear to come directly from your organisation even if we use our own in house CRM system. We also use BT landlines and not voip phones which means our call quality is excellent and the time we spend on the phone is in a quiet environment.

Franchisee Meetings

A percentage of our time is spent in franchisee meetings with, or on behalf of our clients and we have what we believe to be a friendly informal meeting format that achieves exactly what our clients need from that meeting. By following a structured format in an informal way we get to know the real person who is applying for the franchise and they too get what they need out of that first meeting. We can then summarise how suitable that individual may be and they may or may not progress afterwards..

In any event, your brand is professionally represented and your recruitment pipeline is expertly managed.

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