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Experience matters greatly when choosing a UK franchise consultancy, and Lime Licensing Group has been the advisory firm behind some remarkable success stories and market leaders over many years. You can avoid all the pitfalls by hiring the services of a reputed and proven UK Franchise Consultancy, we’ve been designing franchise systems and recruiting networks of franchisees for 25 years now! Lime Licensing Group is one of the most consistently successful Franchise Consultancy firms you’ll find. We have a very seasoned franchise consultancy team, made up of franchising experts who have been there, done that, and bought the t shirt countless times! We also own our own franchise directory called Franchise Life.

UK Franchise Consultancy

With over two decades of experience behind us, we know what it takes to provide our clients the kind of solutions that bring in tangible results. We have designed and launched a significant number of business format franchises at every price point and in every sector. We exist to provide advice to licensing & franchising entrepreneurs and manage every franchise we represent in a diligent and professional manner. In the years since our inception, we have appointed more than 1900 franchisees for our clients and have generated in excess of £40,000,000 in franchise fees.

We’re not just another Franchise Consultancy either because we have also conceived, launched and established several franchise networks of our own in business advice, special events, retail supply and our regional offices are run by our own franchisees! Lime Licensing Group is a Franchise Consultancy that practices what it preaches and works very closely with you as an outsourced franchise department.

The elite strategies we teach established franchisors help brand owners and their teams to effectively expand their franchise networks using our unique strategies – the same ones that worked for us as franchisors ourselves, and the companies we have owned have had franchise networks in excess of 165 franchisees in them so our advice has come from real life experience at the coal face.

Franchise Consultants UK

Over the last ten years, franchising in the UK has seen a 70 per cent growth in the sector’s workforce with a 46 per cent increase in the annual contribution to the British economy. People searching for phrases like franchise consultants UK will find that their has been consistent rising interest in franchising during this period, which is not always involved with major global brands and the larger investments they can require – the reality is that the majority of franchisors are privately owned businesses without household names.

Our wide range of consultancy services have also been sought by those seeking potential opportunities in small to mid size businesses such as, cleaning services, home services, childcare, health-foods, coffee shops, nutrition, and fitness classes.

Experience and insider industry knowledge

The significant uptake in franchise interest and growth is attributed to the success of franchised businesses, some market reports state that 97% of franchisees are trading profitably and their are over 1000 franchise formats available.

The uncertainties surrounding the starting of a new business can certainly be daunting. For those exploring the  franchise option, clearly the high levels of support offered and the increased rate of success it promises are a winning combination. Nevertheless,  gaining an understanding into the realities of franchising, either in your local area, region or nationwide, requires extensive research, and the kind of necessary in-depth guidance exclusively supplied by franchise consultants like ourselves.

Creating a foundation for your franchise business success

We are extremely dedicated to our role and tackle every job in passionately, we don’t take risks and just stick to proven methods, this is why we reap results and help our clients to succeed. While we focus on providing excellent services, we also maintain professionalism, work ethics and transparency in all our dealings with our customers. The UK Franchise Consultancy markets is full of poorly qualified advisors with limited experience of multi sector, multi brand franchises behind them at different investment levels, if you don’t choose us do your research thoroughly as we know three current consultants who have been convicted for fraud or similar crimes! Choose Lime Licensing Group for your Franchise Consultancy and we promise you professionalism and a clean record. 

A positive brand impact

Since we have worked and continue to work with businesses from different industries, it has helped us form a very solid foundation and create a very positive impact in the UK Franchise Consultancy space. Specifically Lime Licensing Group Franchise Consultancy has created a unique methodology that works based on real experience as franchisors ourselves. We have honed our skills in licensing, franchising, distributorship’s & agencies and have handled a large number of brand expansion projects with sales agency formats.  We work very hard so that you are able to create and maintain a very strong and noticeable presence in the market.

Lime Licensing Group are elite advisors, our background is unrivalled and we know our topic inside and out. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

If you want to know more know about how we can help your business, just all us at 01274 662001. You can also contact Lime Licensing Group through this online form.

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