What colour of green is that exactly in Lime’s own logo? Well, since you asked it’s actually 8CC63F in web terms. It also has it’s own Pantone reference number too but there’s no need to go into all of that – the point is it has to be exactly the colour that it is designed to be. In that last sentence, right there, you have a working example of why style sheets are an essential component of brand licensing.

C87D4C75-C87D-48E2-B3F8-EC361A9C3BC3-300x152 Style SheetsAny old green simply won’t do and any old shape, size, material or any other variable won’t do either. If you own the next Action Man it’s no good if his biceps are too weedy, is it? Style sheets determine what all of the variables are and if any licensee produces anything that isn’t style sheet compliant then it gets destroyed in front of our eyes before it gets to market.

Lime Licensing Group’s brand compliance team will see to that on your behalf, and we’ll be there every step of the way to ensure that if it’s got your name on it that is is as good as what you’d produce yourself.

Style Sheets and Brand Licensing

In 2016 we ourselves began a re-branding exercise, for us, this is quite easy and quick and doesn’t really affect anyone but ourselves. However, one of the considerations of brand licensing is future proofing material changes like this as far as you are able to. The style sheet determines as much as it can at the time it is created and can be updated with as much reasonable notice as the process (and licensing contract) allows!

Brand Licensing Advertising & Marketing Guidelines

In a similar way to the style sheet, marketing or advertising guidelines restrict words and brand descriptions to exactly what the brand owner dictates. You wouldn’t want some junior graphic designer in the local paper redo your logo and lose the aspect ratio would you? We produce a specific set of guidelines for all your licensees and their subcontractors and suppliers so that your imagery even when advertised by someone else is as good as it can be and that everyone knows the standards that are required. Licensing agreements need control of standards and every partner in the process needs to be audited and regularly checked for compliance.

To find out more about style sheets and our brand compliance work please contact us today on 01274 662001 or fill in the contact form here.