Scooby-Do-Image Brand Management

Competent brand management doesn’t happen by accident, done correctly it embraces your ethos, heritage, corporate statements and objectives. Done badly it trashes your brand’s image and risks the credibility of everything attached to your brand. So, when we represent our clients we aim to be even more professional than you as if that were possible, but that’s our objective!

When you break it all down Licensing your brand is a process that allows you to use your imagery, branding, materials, software, etc etc to a third party, usually in a different market sector (but not always), and sometimes in a different country in exchange for a % royalty share of the revenue generated. The actual amount of royalty is, of course, a highly debatable point, we’ve heard all the arguments before and know a good deal from a bad one so during these delicate stages you’ll be in safe hands with us at the negotiating table.

Brand Management Services

Like a showbiz agent, our brand management service looks after your interests before a deal is agreed and also for the duration of the agreement after it’s signed. So, when you appoint Lime Licensing Group to represent you we become an integral part of your team dovetailing with your key personnel and liaising with those who we appoint to carry your brand. We’ll do the legwork to get the deal in place at the outset, as well as complete all the legal and practical documents and tangible items for reporting, style sheets, royalty audits and fee collections. There’s a bit more about each of these items on the menu to the left.

Above all else, though at the outset we’ll be beavering around getting licensed partners lined up and as they come on board our work alters to ensure that they and you work together in harmony to everyone’s mutual benefit. Compliance is critical to the success of every ongoing licensing deal and where a firm hand is required you can count on us if that is what’s required.

There are always opportunities to share resources, contacts and cross-brand marketing effort that provides a win-win for all involved and unlike most agencies, we are very active in capitalising on opportunities like these.

Lime Licensing Group is a full-service agency, that means we become an outsourced licensing department for you, dealing the mundane stuff just as enthusiastically as those great days when a licensing deal really takes off. We’re patient diligent and also work with some other fantastic licensing professionals which means we can scale up or down and enter new markets very swiftly as the need arises. Either way our project management skills are exceptional and Lime’s credentials in looking after other peoples brands are exemplary.

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