The latest copy of our Free Franchise magazine is available now.Franchise-Life-Package-300x251 Free Franchise Magazine

Franchise Life has some great articles and publicity about some brilliant franchise brands. If you are considering franchising whats better than a free franchise magazine? Researching the right franchise has always been a problem but this great publication makes it easy. It’s a no nonsense publication that concentrates on being a quick and easy read. Furthermore, it’s publication is entirely funded by us here at Lime Licensing Group and you can gran yourself a copy right now in electronic format. Just tap in your details in the form below.


There are articles about franchising and comment on the unregulated nature of UK franchising. Many new franchises are featured in the pages too. If you’d like to be in the next issue do let us know!

Handy size for a free franchise magazine

We decided to publish the magazine in A5 format. As a result it’s easy to carry and read and should fit in a handbag. Being A5 it also means that we can’t have too many pages, so this issue is 48 pages which means it’s a light and easy read.

Also view the Franchise Life website

The magazine is also available in print format and you can get yourself a copy from our stand at the International Franchise Show each year or from your nearest Lime Regional Director. Furthermore there is a larger listing of available franchises on the website. Head on over there to browse a collection of great franchises who need franchisees in your region right now!

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