You should know that franchising is no bed of roses – it’s a business venture, a risk, a leap of faith sometimes too, call it what you will but there are no guarantees.

Over the years we think we’ve seen it all. We’ve learnt through our own mistakes for sure, and also the mistakes of our clients and we’ve shown a keen interest, watching from the sidelines, in the catastrophes of other brands. Franchising has many nuances and is becoming increasingly litigious. This is our 22nd continuous year in franchising at the sharp end and in that length of time, there isn’t much we haven’t encountered.

Whatever you are currently experiencing as a franchisee or a franchisor, or worse still, what you can see is coming your way and you don’t know how to pre-empt it, a troubleshooting visit from us can be very worthwhile indeed.

You can contact us in absolute confidence and we have been successful on many occasions brokering solutions that fit both parties requirements. Our involvement reduces legal costs, speeds up the process and our preference is to be appointed as a jointly appointed expert arbiter, however, we have also provided expert witness testimony to guide all parties and hopefully influence a fair judgement of a dispute.

Conflict Resolution
“Out beyond the place of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” The mystical poet Rumi (1207-73)

Franchising has numerous pitfalls and problems, and we know as well as anyone else that it is a far from perfect arrangement because when things don’t go well most franchisees blame their franchisor. Sometimes this is deserved, sometimes it isn’t. When all is said and done there are no guarantees of any business being successful and usual business risks, judgement and the competence of each individual are key elements in every franchisor and franchisee’s business.

When things break down and conflict surfaces, here at Lime Licensing we have found that the intervention of a third party who specialises in conflict resolution can bring amazing and lasting results.

For a confidential initial discussion about conflict resolution and any other franchise problems please contact Lime Licensing today.