When it comes time to grow the business, it pays to thoroughly consider all your opportunities. You can open new locations and provide new services, yes, but you can also take out a lot of the work and expand much more thoroughly by looking at the option of franchising.

As franchising consultants, Lime Licensing Group has helped owners find new business opportunities that have generated over £50 million in royalties alone.

Franchise definition

franchise-consultancy-background-1-300x169 Business OpportunitiesIt’s a still-growing business model with new opportunities for a franchise in the UK being discovered at a rapid rate, so it’s no surprise some might ask: what is a franchise exactly? They are essentially about the relationship between the franchiser and the franchisee.

A successful business can license its trade name, its logo, it’s brand and its operating license to other business owners. In return, beyond spreading your brand and following your licensing terms, the franchisee also pays royalties to your business. It provides a cheaper and easier way for businesses to expand their brand, maintaining control without having to oversee every step of that expansion.

How Lime Licensing Group helps

Lime Licensing Group are an experienced, qualified, and well-trusted team of franchising consultants and a brand licensing agency. We have sold over 1900 individual franchises, have 29,000 potential franchisees waiting for the right franchiser, and have designed 75 franchise models in all kinds of industries.

We specialise in helping owners like you find the best possible business opportunities and help design licenses that ensure your quality, standards, and methods are replicated with care throughout every individual franchise. We can expand the brand even further, too, taking it to new sectors and new countries, perhaps even helping the business reach the world stage.

At Lime Licensing Group, we care about the businesses we work with. We don’t just create and apply the models, we offer expert advice to franchisors, using our vast experience to help you grow your business network. We’ve worked in dozens of sectors and we even provide free advice when we’re in the area, helping business owners spot the step they need to keep growing.

Helping your brand live up to its potential

Beyond the franchise models we develop, the thousands of potential franchisees on our books, and the advice we can deliver, Lime Licensing Group offers real brand expertise.

We know that the brand is one of the most important assets a business has. You want to see it grow and gain reach, but you want to protect it and ensure that its represented by the finest standards. Lime Licensing Group is dedicated to ethical business and professional work practices.

What’s more, we are a team of dedicated online and offline marketers, so we ensure that your brand gets the exposure and growth it needs while still staying true to the business you have built.

Business opportunities available

When you’re taking your next step, get in touch with Lime Licensing Group and find out how franchising your brand could be the best of the business opportunities available. Get in touch at 01274 662001 and let us show you how our models can take your brand to brand new heights.