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Interested in franchising your business but just haven’t ever got round to it yet?

Well, now it can be done online at a pace to suit you. This is Lime’s first ever online franchise training course. Furthermore this isn’t some idle webinar series. This is personally completed, one to one, with you online and on your timetable.

Lime Licensing Group’s Exclusive One-to-One Online Training For Franchising

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We’ll cover the initial elements that any franchise brand needs to have in place before launching any franchise system. It’s a valuable first step for any potential franchisee. Just contact us using the form below.

What is it?

Fully guided “live” franchise training and it’s bespoke for you. Run at your pace, module by module and guided by a Lime Licensing professional. This 8 module course will take you through our entire unique elite franchise blueprint step by step. All online and via Skype and screen share.

It’s the exact same franchisor blueprint that has been used by many market leading brands. Many of those brands now have multi million pound valuations because of franchising.

Why we know what we’re talking about…
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Franchising Experience That Speaks For Itself

£100 million in royalty generated for our clients

2,000 Individual Franchises Sold

75+ Franchise Models Designed

Elite Franchise Blueprint

The elite franchise blueprint is a very special consultant lead programme. We say “special” because it is totally unique in the industry. Created entirely by us without using any of the usual templates and rehashed rubbish that is out there circulating amongst other consultants. We’ve always kept this to ourselves, and we have never sub contracted it to anyone else.

Originally hatched over 20 years ago when it was exclusively used to grow our own our family owned retail supply company. That brand, Appletree Cottage became a national brand that had over 10,000 monthly repeat customers. All were supplied by franchisees in every postcode around the UK. It was literally honed and refined through trial, error, blood sweat and tears. We then used the blueprint again to create two more market leading brands. Franchise Pro Ltd and Ambience Venue Styling, again owned by ourselves. This system was kept just for us! Both of those companies were sold on to other entrepreneurs. Today Lime Licensing itself is a successful franchised organisation with a small group of elite franchise consultants in our team. Each consultant manages their regional offices under a franchise arrangement. 

Online Franchise Training honed through experience

Every mistake that could have been made, was made along the way! Then we started helping other companies to franchise their businesses. That same blueprint evolved and adapted to every other sector, every price point and every category. So far there’s been about £100,000,000 in franchise fees generated. A figure that is still growing as we speak.

Over 2,000 franchise licenses have been signed  and over 70 UK franchise brands have used the blueprint to some degree or other.

For the first time EVER, we are now offering the franchise blueprint to all businesses that are interested in franchising their business in the future. What we’ll create with you is an “oven ready” franchise system that you can launch at any time in the next year or two. Furthermore, we’ll update it for you for free so that it is future proofed.


Extra FREE Marketing

in our exclusive upcoming magazine

Once your franchise is complete we’ll help you to promote it in our franchise magazine and also on our franchise directory and if you need a hand dealing with the enquiries we can guarantee you’ll get that at an attractive rate that is geared towards success only. 

So, if you’ve ever wanted to franchise your business but didn’t know how then this is for you. These unique times have put every business into planning mode, planning for what’s to come after Covid-19. It’s time to sow the seeds on your own company’s recovery and those that are ready will reap the biggest harvest.

Franchising booms following an economic downturn, read this blog for the evidence that you’ll rarely get to be in a better position to become a franchisor. The stars will align as soon as the crisis passes. We know, we’ve done this through the last three recessions and franchising can get Britain going again. 

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