A unique and free service to all serious potential franchisees.

Finding the right franchise is no mean feat! There are over 1000 different franchises that are available and then on top of that there are agencies, distributors, general business opportunities etc etc and in many cases there are new franchises that are unadvertised and in the planning stages or foreign successful brands that are about to enter the country, and on top of all that there are franchise resales too, almost certainly dozens within a few miles of where you live! It is literally impossible to research them all.

That’s why you need our franchise finder service!!

We’ll help you choose the right franchise using our unique system of Franchisee Compatibility Profiling and this service is 100% free because our fees are paid for by the franchisors themselves!

Franchise Finding Service

Franchisee Compatibility Profiling matches you to the ideal franchise by identifying your core skill set, location, funding, lifestyle, background and various other factors that are all relevant to your decision as to which franchise suits you best, we’ll then introduce you to the franchises that meet your criteria.

This free service starts with a half-hour telephone interview with a Lime Licensing Group professional, to book your ideal time please call us today on 01274 662001.

UK Franchise – How-To

When you are looking for lucrative franchising options, you want to be sure that you have all the appropriate information and guidance. This is why it’s a smart decision to consult experts in the field, like the ones at Lime Licensing Group There are a number of benefits to opting for our solutions, such as:

  • A highly experienced and credible company
  • You get a very wide view of the different aspects of the business
  • We provide customised services and this makes it easier for you to launch & maintain your franchised business
  • Our expertise and advice helps you to attract customers, increase sales and profitability
  • You receive very objective advice and our experience helps you prevent from stumbling as you go along and Find UK Franchises that match your specific requirements
  • Once you send out enquires about the kind of franchise you are interested in, our expert franchise consultants will help you find the franchises that best match your requirements.

We guide you every step of the way and this helps you avoid expensive mistakes. If you want any more information about the kind of solutions we provide and how we can help you find UK Franchises, callLime Licensing Group at 01274 662001 or use this online form to connect with us.