franchise-case-studies-300x252 Franchise Case StudiesFranchise Case Studies

Franchise Case Studies are great to see what is possible when everything falls into place. Over many decades now members of Lime’s team have worked with some remarkable franchise brands. Together they have sold thousands of franchises. Not just startup franchise agreements, but also hundreds of renewals, restarts, resales and regional and national master agreements.

The following are just some of the many examples we have, chosen for their variety and not their actual success. To us the market sector doesn’t matter too much because the process of franchising is the same for all great brands. Maybe by following our process you’ll be the next success story and everyone will enjoy reading your own franchise case study in the future!

We will be building content from various case studies over the coming months. Here’s the first franchise case study published by Patrick Burge.

A word of caution about franchise case studies.

Remember always that launching a new franchise system is an inherently risky pursuit, many don’t succeed, thankfully many do and these are some examples.