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What will be the best Franchises in 2020? Regardless of your circumstances, the following franchise formats are likely to be up there amongst the most popular. However before getting into the detail remember that the best franchise for you isn’t the best for anyone. As a result, the key thing is for you to match the opportunity to your skill set and budget. The best franchises in 2020 are those that are a close fit to the skillset of the franchises operating them.

In 2019 we recruited quite a few mobile coffee franchisees but there’s a couple of new formats that recently launched franchises who operate a more generally profitable model. Check out The Mixing Jug and Delivita both of whom are making the tills ring at markets, fete’s and events around the UK. These two foods franchises are ideal for full-time operation or as a part-time business or even a bolt on to a coffee franchise!

Did Brexit Wreckit for the best franchises in 2020?

Low-cost flexible franchises grew in popularity during the last recession. However, the best franchises always seem to be relatively recession-proof. We feel that luxury brands and services might take a hit. As ever we’re expecting that food and essential services will prosper. Franchise Advice, for example, has always been in demand and there are a few available areas of the UK still to fill for this franchisor as well as opportunities abroad.

There is big demand for franchise professionals

We’re currently looking for experienced executives to join us here at Lime Licensing Group. We work with new franchisors helping them to make all the critical decisions at the outset to become a franchised brand. On an ongoing basis we then assist them to recruit the franchise network and are in effect an outsourced franchise department for them. If you like the idea of an executive, consultancy based franchise then look no further than here, or call Andy Cheetham now on 07782 115993.

The public always love a good meal

Oakleys Pizzeria and Grill is a wonderful restaurant that doesn’t limit it’s menu to one type of food. As a result, there is always something for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest and everyone in between.

Minding your language

We’re big fans of Debonair Languages who provide a whole host of language services to businesses and organisations and regardless of the economy the UK is a multicultural country that has many language challenges at home and abroad. Debonair franchises provide clarity when language fluency may create misunderstanding.


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