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Working with Lisa and Oliver has been very rewarding. They are both passionate about the business and are very excited about the future trajectory we are embarking on.Wolf Healthcare is part of the Wolf Employment Group which now boasts three thriving businesses. Wolf Education, Elephant Payrolland of course Wolf Healthcare. Just over two years ago Oliver Jones after thirteen years in education where he had risen to Assistant Head teacher knew that a change of direction was needed. Not leaving the sector all together he started Wolf Employment which concentrated its efforts on recruiting Supply Teachers. The business thrived and is destined to achieve a turnover in excess of £1 million per year. Not satisfied with this success Ollie looked at the Healthcare market and realising the gap jumped straight in. As you will read later in this prospectus this was an absolute success and he is now the proud owner of multi million pound business.The glue that links them together is Elephant Payroll which is based in Congleton Cheshire. So our ex Assistant Head now has three thriving businesses in three separate locations employing eighteen loyal staff members.Clearly a natural entrepreneur giving up the safety and the pension was never a worry for Ollie. Why not join him on his already impressive journey as Wolf Healthcare really does go National…

Introducing Wolf Healthcare

The Health Care Marketplace is in a growth phase unseen in most sectors. Our elderly population is growing and the requirement for care has never been higher. Staggeringly the market currently worth £28 Billion will grow 40% by 2035.Over 80%of Care Establishments use Recruitment Agencies to fill the many vacancies they have for both temporary and permanent positions in their Care Homes. Demand for our services has never been higher particularly in these difficult times. And supplying highly trained staff into Care Homes is very rewarding.

The UK’s elderly population is expected to grow by 105% with the rest of the population growing by just 6% by 2036

Wolf Healthcare Is Superbly Positioned To Meet This Demand…

We have worked exceptionally hard to build our reputation as a quality supplier in this vital industry. We are pleased to say that this has been recognised and ratified by the industry. We have been accredited by GRI having passed their very strict and arduous vetting procedures. This means we are now on Preferred Supplier Lists with many large Care Home groups. The significance of this for you should not be underestimated. Many of the Care Home Groups we work with have operations across the UK. Each and every vacancy they have is registered on the GRI database and we are able to turn on the vacancies in your area very quickly.

To find out more about this franchise opportunity please contact Andy Cheetham 07782 115993