What will be the best franchises 2024?

There’s many different ways of course to determine what the best franchises for any particular individual will be. A good place to start for any potential franchise owner would be by joining our franchise VIP Group. This is a place where an experienced franchise professional will look at your situation to suggest the best potential fit. Factors like your location, skill set, budget and work/life aspirations will be taken into account.

Which sectors will thrive in 2024?

Following on from the pandemic it seems to us that some new things are here to stay. The rise of dark kitchens and take away food being a good example. There are opportunities for couriers as a result of an increase in online shopping. It’s also been interesting to see the increased spend on home improvements as people take more interest in their home environment. The housing sector generally has been very buoyant and resilient to whatever the pandemic threw at it. As in previous years the incredible rise of the care sector has grown in value in the franchise industry. Maybe the best franchises 2024 could be in a number of different sectors. Best advice as always is to find the sector that best matches your skill set.

Could the great resignation create a new business for you?

But something that interests us greatly is what is being termed “the great resignation”. This is where people are questioning their previous work habits and changing careers. This has added rocket fuel to the franchising sector and those people who work with new franchise brands have had an exceptional few years. If like us here at Lime Licensing Group you might be interested in capitalising on that then this franchise might be the best one of all! It’s probably the best executive services / professional franchise out there.

Your online search for “best franchises 2024”

A search like that might throw up some interesting results. Just bear in mind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and your situation and skills must be a good match for your next business. In addition to the VIP group you could visit a directory like www.franchiselife.co.uk which has a list of recommended franchises available.

Finding new franchises in 2024

Here at Lime Licensing Group we launch numerous new franchises every year. Last year we helped hundreds of new franchisees find the perfect franchise for them and start their self employment journey. One thing that is paramount is your personal judgement of what the economy is going to do. For example, will restrictions ease to such an extent that shows, outdoor festivals, weddings and other events like exhibitions and fete’s can go ahead. If you judge that they will then those sectors will likely thrive. This is because there are now less competitors than before and the public have an appetite to get involved and visit. If on the other hand you feel this are still risky then you will find comfort in those sectors that have proved to be resilient to covid and its various strains.

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