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Start Up Franchises

When you acquire a start up franchise there are numerous “one off” benefits including no adverse trading history, brand new inventory, professional training and the opportunity to really style the business format exactly as you want. Start up Franchisees are usually more entrepreneurial than most purely because the business format hasn’t been totally proven in the start up location and of course the cash flow hasn’t been established either which means that on top of the initial franchise fee a sum needs to be set aside to fund the business whilst the cash flow is being established. However start up Franchises have a unique opportunity to rapidly establish goodwill and capital growth on top of the launch costs so that when the time comes to move on the full value of that capital growth can be realised. Whether you are looking for a start up franchise, an ongoing concern or even a restart franchise then Lime Licensing Group can help you.

Franchise Resales

Buying an established franchise makes a lot of sense, particularly for the cautious franchise investor since there is usually categoric proof that the business works and therefore buying an established franchise is less risky.

A few examples of some of the most recent existing franchises that we have for sale include:

Mobile Coffee Franchises in Lincolnshire, Cheshire and Leeds price ranges from £25,000 – £65,000

Van Leasing Agency in Manchester, and Essex price from £29,500

4×4 Vehicle Hire Franchise in Surrey and Ireland price ranges from £15,000

Non Franchised Railway Kiosk in Birmingham for sale at £15,000

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