Franchise Consultancy – Experience counts

We are a Franchise Consultancy firm based on proven blueprints and almost 2000 franchise launches since 1993. Franchising franchsie-consultancy Franchise Consultancy Firmprovides a route for savvy entrepreneurs to open a national network of franchised “units” based upon their current business.  Franchising makes sense for service and product-based businesses to look to expand their horizons. When their business grows, either in popularity or in revenue franchising a business makes a compelling commercial proposition.

An experienced Franchise Consultancy Firm like us can help to assess the franchising potential of any brand. We at Lime Licensing are one of the most credible and sought-after companies in this space.

Using a Franchise Consultancy Firm – The benefits

Over the years, since our inception, we have helped a large number of companies expand their reach and brand image. Take a look at how you benefit from using us as your chosen franchise consultancy firm:

  • Been there and done that – As multi-brand franchisors ourselves we are uniquely qualified to advise you. Following the successful establishment and sale of four of our own franchise networks, we totally understand every issue you might face as a franchisor. As a result, you’ll get advice that others can’t give or read about in a textbook.
  • Specialised knowledge – The franchise industry is constantly in growth mode. We keep ourselves constantly up to date and always follow best practice as a result. Following what works and what doesn’t gives us unique insight into what may work for you.
  • National presence – If you want to develop and expand a successful franchise system, you benefit more by having our national presence. With offices in the South East, the South West and Northern England we get face to face with more franchise owners. You’ll also find us at various franchise exhibitions pushing our client’s brands.
  • Sales Development Help– If your franchise business has to be successful, your franchisees will have to be interested enough to buy into your plans. Our Consultancy experts will work very closely with your sales team and help them generate sales leads. We can also provide excellent coaching for different types of sales pitches & closes. The customised solutions we provide for sales approach as well as for lead generation help create an atmosphere that is highly conducive to growth.

Contact the experts

We at Lime Licensing have the experience, knowledge, skill and the resources you need. We love what we do. We’re good at what we do! When only the best will do speak to us first on 01274 662001. The most effective franchise consulting solutions and support available. We’re fluent in franchising.

Call the Franchise Consultancy experts at our Head Office: 01274 662001. Alternatively, visit one of our regional pages at the bottom of this page or contact us using this online form.