selling-an-existing-franchise Franchise Investment Fund

Apply to the franchise investment fund to create a franchise based around your current business.

Franchise Investment fund

Lime Licensing Group are launching a joint venture with Rebian Solicitors in Leeds to find the next franchising success story.

  • Do you have a business that could be franchised?
  • Do you lack the expertise in house?
  • Do you lack the capital to launch a national franchise network?
  • Want to make 2018 your best year yet?

With the average cost of designing and launching a new franchise being well in excess of £100,000, becoming a franchisor is often nothing more than a pipe dream to many small to medium enterprises. Lime & Rebian have removed this significant barrier to success with the launch of the new franchise investment fund. So, if you think you might have started the next McDonalds but need help to get there then the franchise investment fund is the place to start!

How the franchise investment fund works

The new Franchise Investment Fund from Lime & Rebian covers the expense, funding and human resources required to establish a franchise network. Andy Cheetham from Lime said, “The fund aims to take responsibility for the master rights of suitable businesses and work with the founders to create national and international franchise networks. Both Lime & Rebian have successful franchising pedigrees and now with this new franchise investment fund we can take any successful business format to the masses”.

Ian Townsend from Rebian said, “The fund will own the master rights and each successful applicant will keep 100% of their current business whilst also having a share in the newly created franchise business, all three companies will work together to make it happen and Rebian will ensure everyones interests are looked after legally”.

To be considered for the fund it is important that the following is in place:

  • The business to be franchised is already successfully trading in at least one location
  • The business is a privately owned concern
  • The format can be easily taught to others to replicate the format in their own region
  • The applicants own the brand either outright or as majority shareholders

If you’re looking for more information on how to franchise a business or want to find out more about the franchise investment fund, please contact us here.