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The Full Circle Funeral Partners Franchise.

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Harrogate Full Circle Funerals Directors

Sarah Jones founded Full Circle Funerals in September 2016. She started her career as a surgeon in the NHS and more recently owned and managed residential care homes for adults with learning difficulties. She has always felt that funerals are important and that with the right support, the arranging process and funeral could be a therapeutic process. So, Sarah decided to launch a disrupter business that would deliver modern funeral care, with a person-centred approach.

Now there is a franchise based around the wonderful business that Sarah and her team have created at Full Circle Funerals Partners.

The market for funeral franchises.

The UK Funeral Industry is worth around £1 billion annually with over 600,000 funerals taking place each year. It is a currently unregulated market that anyone can enter, and many funeral directors are family owned, having been passed down through the generations. The industry is under represented in the franchise industry but now that Full Circle have launched their funeral franchises that is about to change.

There is plenty of room for new funeral franchises in most areas of the UK. The public have already proved to be very responsive to a new option. Full Circle is already in several locations, Guiseley, Leeds, Harrogate, Halifax and soon Altrincham.IMG_5404-300x225 Full Circle Funeral Franchises

How the franchise works.

Bright and colourful locations tastefully decorated. None of the staff wear black day to day although it is still a popular choice during the actual funeral.

Each location has a quiet meeting room and a modern chapel of rest. Family members can also choose coffins and other elements of the service on site. The company believes that with the right support funerals can be a positive and helpful experience and so as a franchise owner you will need a compassionate and patient personality. Your premises will reflect that and so too will the people who work with you.

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Like other premises based franchises there are a few elements to the investment. The franchise fee is only £16,000 which includes a minimum of a months training. Once premises are secured they may need renovating prior to fitting out. As you might expect major building work will add significantly to the expense. Finally you will need some working capital to pay the bills until such time as the franchise is on it’s feet and supporting you. In total you should therefore budget in a range between £75,000 – £100,000.

Find Out More about funeral franchises

Find out about funeral franchises with Full Circle by contacting Andy Cheetham on 07782 115993


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