awards-signature-1-300x61 Award-Winning Franchise BrandsAward-winning franchise brands

Many of our clients have become award-winning franchise brands. Several are now market-leading brands with multi-million-pound valuations. Due to the growth of our clients our own consultancy firm has prospered. For example, we have won numerous recent franchise awards for our work.

Acquisition International awarded Lime Licensing Group the title of Best UK Franchise Consultancy team in 2017. We won it again last year. Furthermore, we won the UK’s best franchise consultancy firm at the CV Magazine Awards this year. Lime also won best franchise consultants in the UK at The Global Excellence Awards this year.

Franchise Association Accreditation

We are partner members of the Quality Franchise Association and have been invited to be part of their advisory panel. This means we provide input to this new challenger franchise association on franchise issues. As a result, the QFA and their members gain better insight into the role of consultants like us in the UK.

Industry and franchise awards

Franchisee Awards are all well and good but reaching regulatory standards is often better. For example, our client Motor Republic has been ratified by the Financial Conduct Authority who is a powerful government regulatory body. As a result, franchisees know that they are a bonafide company. Another client Debonair Languages has ISO 9001 and also ISO 27001. As a result, they can demonstrate excellence in their chosen profession.

Industry and franchise awards are an indication of a forward-thinking franchisor. The gaining of any award or certification shows the management team are chasing standards that others hope to achieve. Furthermore, the awards show they understand marketing too. Any prospective franchise owner should be looking out for a franchisor that seizes these opportunities.

Who’s the next award-winning franchise?

Right now Lime Licensing Group is designing several new franchise systems. these may well be the next award-winning franchise brands. If you’d like to receive advance details then please drop us a line on 01274 662001 and you’ll be the first to know. Otherwise, just fill in your details here and we’ll put you on our VIP list to get the news first.


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