Legacy-sport-new-logo Best UK Sports Based FranchiseSport based franchises don’t come much better than this! Legacy Sport is a unique franchise that has just been launched by Lime Licensing Group.

Legacy Sport fills a real market need providing “in school” PE assistance. Each franchisee provides various solutions to facilitate this including a brilliant assessment tool called Sporting Age. Legacy Sport’s franchisees help schools to fulfil OFSTEAD criteria whilst ensuring that each school makes the best use of the sport premium funding available.

Legacy Sport currently helps over 5000 children to keep fit and stay active every week. The carefully honed business model allows each franchise owner to benefit from a business that has the reassurance of long term contracts and a viable profit from only working with a handful of schools!  If you like the idea of a sports based franchise then we would like to hear from you!

Making a good living by promoting healthy, active lifestyles is what this business is all about, it’s a lot more than just a sport based franchise. Many sports based franchises have inherent weaknesses and masses of competition but Legacy Sport has a special niche delivering PE, sport and health programmes that positively impact on schools, the local community and of course every child that takes place.

What you’ll need

To be successful running one of the Legacy Sport based franchises you must be comfortable working with youngsters and also staff at the schools you work with.  You don’t need premises of your own which means you can work from your hoe base and provided you can fund the startup investment of £6995 then an above average income awaits!

Next steps

Lime Licensing Group exclusively handles the franchise applications for Legacy Sport so please contact us today to find out more about this brilliant sport based franchise.


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