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Data protection consultancy franchise from Logic Document.

Consider this data protection consultancy franchise. It’s a brilliant new franchise from Logic Document. Suitable for a wide variety of people who are looking for a professional services franchise. So if you’ve got an executive mindset then this should be on your franchising shortlist. When Logic Document first approached Lime’s Regional Director Kevin Thomas about franchising he knew it would be a hit! When Kevin discussed it with the rest of Lime’s franchise advisory team we ALL agreed!

Have a look at this video below which describes the service in a little more detail.

How do data protection consultancy franchises work?

Logic Document franchisees protect the most valuable commodity in the world – data! Whether you are a celebrity or a business of any size data is as valuable as it is dangerous! Logic Document franchisees put in place procedures and tangible measures to protect data and ensure compliance with laws and rules about data for everyone’s benefit. It’s a lot more than juts a data protection franchise. The fines for incorrect use of data are enormous and the reputational damage of mishandling data can create a negative lasting legacy. This has given rise to demand for data professionals to advise and implement data procedures for large organisations and small private brands.

What Logic Document do

The world of Data Protection has changed globally and is constantly changing and updating daily. Logic Document offer bespoke services tailored around the customer’s needs, this is unique in its process and allows them to integrate their applications seamlessly into the daily operations. Using a unique suite of clinically developed data processes and tool-kits each Logic Document franchisee can ensure that the data collected, received and managed is done proficiently. Your aim as a franchisee is to eradicate data risk.

You’ll work work with small, medium and large organisations ranging from owner operators right the way through to  those with global infrastructure employing over 600 internationally. Logic Document’s message is clear, they believe in COMMUNICATION, INTEGRITY, and TRUST. This is the message every client needs to deliver to their customers.

What Logic Document Franchisees offer:

  • GDPR Certification
    businesses need to comply with GDPR or they face substantial fines. Our services can assist in ensuring that businesses comply with GDPR.
  • Record Management
    with our professional management service we can alleviate all the stress and worries of ever decreasing space and the needs of data protection.
  • Offsite Storage
    we offer a closed vault service, which means all our boxes, containers and rooms for storage are fully serviced and operated by staff only.
  • California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA)
    similar to GDPR, the CCPA is law. We are able to help both companies and consumers alike to ensure data is collected, stored, shared or sold within the legal framework set out within the CCPA.
  • Training Workshops
    we have devised and present various workshops designed to educate and allow the business user or the DPO (Data Protection Officer) to gain knowledge that will allow them to better serve their data protection requirements.

A compelling franchise proposition

Each franchise runs without any royalty payments for the first 6 months. It is a tried and tested model with a fully supported franchise for you. Every franchisee also gets an exclusive franchise territory, a website and marketing portal and a central team that has answers to every question you’ll ever get asked about this business! The management team have a reputation for excellence and honesty, see this post for further reading about the culture of the business.

The franchise costs £18,950+vat and Logic Document expect every franchisee to have a quick return on investment.

Recommended on Franchise Life

Logic Document is also a recommended brand on Franchise Life. As a result they were also featured in the Franchise Life magazine. Furthermore within two months of launching they already had their first franchise partners in place! As territories are awarded there is less availability so please check your area is available before going any further.

Contact Kevin Thomas on 07527 508203 to find out more about this amazing franchise opportunity or fill in the form below to get the prospectus:

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