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Introducing the freshest, most exciting franchising opportunity available in 2019.

Debonair Languages, the UK’s largest languages and translation service have created a national opportunity for ambitious individuals looking to grow their own business with the support and structure of a well-established organisation behind them.

With the potential to grow a business from home, all you need is the drive, ambition and ability to work with a wide range of people, to grow your franchise across your chosen region.

You don’t need to be able to speak a foreign language (your growing network of Linguists and Interpreters do that for you) – simply a laptop, mobile phone, great customer service skills and a can-do attitude will get you far.

Debonair Languages exists to connect people through languages by providing interpreters and translators for a wide range of clients.

From NHS organisations, to schools, colleges, public sector and private sector clients, the growing network of 4500 Linguist Interpreters and Translatorswho work with Debonair Languages help their clients to overcome the challenges that rare languages and cultural barriers present. Whether this is translating documents for court or interpreting for families in hospital, there is a wide range of opportunities for you as a franchiseeto tackle through your own geographic region and network of Linguist Interpreters and Translators (you’ll also have access to Debonair’s established talent pool!).

Debonair Languageswas started by one person and has grown as a family business, developing from 2-3 members of staff to a team of over 26, with the most rapid growth being down to the launch of a strong brand and national presence in the past few years.

Now as a successful franchising business, Debonair Languages have set the support structure in place for new franchisees to benefit from marketing packs and templates, a national in-house Franchisee Manager, training and development opportunities and access to the Debonair Languages pool of established Interpreters and Linguists.

The business is a recommended franchise on To receive the prospectus or find out more please contact us on 01274 662001 or fill your details in on the contact form.

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