Don’t assume you can buy a franchise

There is a recurring mistake that I see many “would be” franchise owners make. It’s understandable in a way because the majority of franchisors out there are looking to sell their franchises. What I mean by “sell” is literally that, flog them! It is also a fact that the majority of Franchise Managers and Directors are remunerated by how many franchises they sell and because of that there is a real pressure amongst employed franchise professionals to sell as many licenses as they can. But the best brands don’t work that way.

Any franchise worth having can’t be bought by anyone, if you are contemplating buying a franchise remember that statement and aim to impress if you really want the franchise rights to that brand.

You will need to make an investment of course, but that’s what it is, an investment, you’re not buying a product or service, you’re investing in a license and the owner of whichever brand you are looking at is going to judge your behavior and conduct throughout the process of applying for a franchise. Be argumentative if you like, or be cynical of whatever claims are being made, but if you come across as challenging or awkward don’t be surprised if you get a luke warm reception.

In B2B formats don’t think you can just rock up in your jeans without doing yourself an injustice. It’s not an interview for a job but you are being judged and savvy franchisors will want to know that their brand will be professionally represented in your hands.

In customer facing business formats your personal demeanour, approach to customer service and pleasant personality need to be on show. If you don’t possess those then step back and be honest with yourself about your suitability and question why the franchisor really wants you? Is it just for the Franchise Fee?

In sales orientated franchises all franchisors want to see you beating a path to their door because that’s a skill you’ll need so don’t sit around waiting for them to massage your ego and chase you – make the running yourself and you’ll demonstrate why they should appoint the license to you by doing so.

In many franchise networks if potential franchisees posses a pulse and a cheque book they’re in! In the best franchise networks you need to demonstrate that you are someone who the franchisor wants to do business with.

Don’t be late either, it’s disrespectful to other peoples time and says something about you before you’ve even met the the franchisor!