3x Year Winners of The Business Excellence Awards

2017 / 2018 / 2019

We have national recognition for successful franchising. When you hire Lime you work with a team of franchise consultants that have broad commercial experience and who are used to working with business owners and key decision makers like you to create a franchise system.

Very few people in the UK have our breadth of knowledge gained from all sectors, categories and price points and from dozens of international markets. The practical steps we teach and implement are biased towards recruiting franchisees and mitigating potential problems down the line. Lime spends a lot of time future proofing our clients as far as we able to from known stress points and litigious issues that exist in franchising.

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A Little Of Our Story

Lime’s executives have been the advisors behind some of the country’s most successful business format franchises

We’ve launched dozens of market leading brands. Furthermore, many of those brands have outperformed industry “norms” with help from our franchise consultants.

We’re prolific franchise recruiters spreading our client’s message online and offline following an elite blueprint that works. Numerous franchise campaigns through print and social media marketing, exhibitions and PR have our people behind them. Above all else, we’re a friendly personable team. As franchising consultants, we work hard, we’re professional but we also have the common touch. We’re a niche team of franchise executives retained by a select group of very successful franchisors. We can deliver any size of licensing project or franchise consultancy assignment. We cover all the UK from our regional offices in Manchester, Bradford, Peterborough, Birmingham, & Cardiff.

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I have had the privilege of working with Lime on various market research projects over the last 5 or so years. They have been a great company to work with and having seen Behind the scenes how they operate I can recommend them for anything to do with franchising and small business generally.

Andy Bryant

One of the best in the business!

Paul Baldwin

Very professional and experienced team. If you need to know anything about Franchising, or want to grow your business, these are the people to contact!

Carolyn Saddington, Loyalty Matters

Since 1992 we have become a trusted franchise consultancy firm and our management team are confidential advisors to many franchising and licensing entrepreneurs. Along the way in addition to providing core franchise consultant advice, we have appointed well over 1900 licenses in many diverse markets making us a prolific franchisee recruiter. We work with new and established business format franchisors teaching them elite strategies to manage and grow their licensed networks and provide practical assistance to facilitate that.


million in royalty generated for our clients


Individual Franchises Sold


potential franchisees on our books


Franchise Models Designed

Franchise Experts

There are considerable benefits to using franchise consultants for anyone looking to create a franchise system. There are over 1000 franchise brands in the UK resulting in over 45,000 franchised units between them. The number of franchise opportunities is on the increase as a result of this growth. The role of franchise consultants is to provide inside expert advice and strategic input to create franchise systems and optimise existing franchise networks. Our experience and connections within the franchising industry provides the resources you will need to successfully realise your franchise objectives.

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