Football Coaching Franchises

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These franchises have been a regular part of the UK franchise scene for many years. They have a lot of things going for them as far as running a small business is concerned. For example, the hours are flexible because franchisees can choose when to work. As a result football coaching franchises are perfect to fit in around other commitments or family life. Franchisees enjoy low overheads and repeat business with no bad debt. Furthermore everything is local which means no wasted hours travelling or driving around the country.

Which is the best football coaching franchise in the UK?

We have chosen to work with PSC Tots because they are set up and run PSC-Logo-NEW-150x150 Football Coaching Franchisesby current and former football professionals. Originally founded by Leigh Bromby (ex Leeds United, Sheffield United and others). The business model is super slick and profitable. For example 20 children paying £5 each makes £100. Your main decision then is how many venues you run and how many sessions you run per venue. Part time would be two sessions per venue and two venues. That would earn you around £400 per week. That’s a pretty amazing hourly rate!

The rewards aren’t just financial

We’ve all read the news about kids spending too much on computers and games consoles. Getting younger children out and about has many positive messages. For example, tackling childhood obesity and improving social skills. Franchisees who operate football coaching franchises really make a difference to peoples lives. High fiving a four year old with a huge smile on their face is better than working on a checkout isn’t it?

Award winning franchise

PSC Tots has also been awarded “recommended franchise status” by Franchise Life for all the reasons above. If you’d like to know more please give Andy Cheetham a call on 07782 115993 or enter your details on our contact form. You can also find out more about PSC by visiting their website: