Franchise agreements and marriage

Wedding_plan-300x128 Franchise agreements and marriageFranchise agreements and marriage might seem unconnected but in many ways they’re similar except the franchise format is probably better.

You see, when a franchise is launched it is for a set period of time. Throughout that period of time both parties agree to certain things – a bit like marriage vows, kind of. Then at the end of the term you can renew or pack in subject to certain termination conditions. Franchise agreements have it all mapped out from beginning to end so there’s no need for misunderstandings later. A fixed term that expires and renews could be the perfect solution to the UK’s high divorce rates. A ten year agreement with a renewal option would also be a great boost for the wedding industry too. I’ve just created a new special occasion right there, the wedding renewal party.

Lawyers who draft Marriage Agreements based on franchise agreements will earn money from every marriage not just the 50% that fail, and then there’s the renewal agreement to sign which will need updating with a few new clauses probably. Lawyers could be raking it in. I’ve just created a lucrative new income stream right there, the marriage renewal agreement.

Let’s face it, we all start off starry eyed as newly weds, and so too do new franchise owners. It’s an exciting time and a new chapter in one’s life. It doesn’t last, more often than not. For those who are happy they can renew their marriage agreement and all is well. Have a renewal party, or another renewal party. For those who aren’t they go their separate ways and split their assets as per the clauses they agreed to at the outset. All sorted.

I’m not preaching something I haven’t done myself either. Mrs C and I renewed our vows to each other after 20+ years. It was a great day and cost nothing, well apart from the trip to Barbados that is. Oh and ¬†photographer, and some cake, and a few quid for the local vicar. We would have been drinking champers anyway so that wasn’t an extra cost.

But our “new” commitment to each other made me think about renewal. All mature franchisors know all about renewals, it’s part and parcel of the job. Renewals can be good, can be sad, but do set out a new commitment for a further “term”.

This should be the new format in marriage – why not?

Maybe Lime could extend it’s Franchisee Recruitment service to new husbands or wives. Maybe we could find a new partner on Franchise Life’s website. Either way you will no longer be stuck with each other if you don’t want to be!


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