Franchise Consultancy Spotlightlime-meeting-300x159 Franchise Consultancy Spotlight

We believe that franchising is easy to get right, and easy to get wrong too. If you are able to, it’s great to be able to learn from other peoples successes or failures. You can learn as much from what went wrong as what went right. Lime’s consultants have franchising, licensing, self-employment, sales and marketing backgrounds. All things that provide very relevant experience to help our clients. Let’s put the franchise consultancy spotlight on our core advisory team.

Franchise Consultancy Spotlight – Andy Cheetham

Andy, Lime’s MD has 26 years experience since joining the family retail supply business way back in 1994. Through franchising, the company became a nationally franchised success story supplying thousands of retail outlets. Since then Andy has launched and sold four other franchise networks and advised around 70 UK franchisors. Lime Licensing itself even has regional offices run under franchise agreements. So franchising is in his veins! See Andy’s full franchise consultancy spotlight here.

Franchise Consultancy Spotlight -Richard Pakey

Richard is Lime’s franchise consultant based in Cambridgeshire. He has extensive experience in licensed retail product formats. He also has hands-on experience setting up numerous franchise systems. Richard has direct experience in many franchise sectors. Specifically the automotive sector, the hire sector, fast food retail, and B2B. He’s been with Lime since 2017 and has become a trusted franchise consultant for many of Lime’s clients.  See Richards full franchise consultancy spotlight here.

Franchise Consultancy Spotlight -Kevin Thomas

Kevin joined Lime in 2018. Previously Kevin ran one of the highest grossing franchised locations within a well known franchised coffee chain. That experience has allowed him to have a unique affinity with potential franchisees. He’s been there and done it himself. Furthermore, Kevin sold his franchise for a profit so he truly has gone full circle. Now running our South West Office Kevin works with several of our clients and is in the process of designing several new franchise systems to be launched later this year. See Kevin’s full franchise consultancy spotlight here.

Marketing Support – Marie Chinn

Marie is office based and in charge of telephone marketing and our database activities. She has worked with Lime for many years and provides a great deal of activity on behalf of our lead consultants. With extensive franchise experience behind her she’s in a spotlight all of her own providing a valued and important role supporting all our client campaigns.

It’s not what you know but what you do with what you know that counts.

Of course, that title assumes you know what you are doing in the first place. What works for one brand won’t work for another. We’ve met franchisors who’ve got the most elementary things wrong. No one knows what they don’t know. Experience carries lasting benefits particularly in a contractual environment which is what franchising is. Get free advice today by calling us on 01274 662001 – we’ll show you exactly where your franchise consultancy spotlight should be!

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