Franchise Consulting in South Wales

Franchise Consulting in South Wales has just gone up a notch! We’re delighted to announce that Kevin Thomas has joined the executive team at Lime Licensing Group. Based in Cardiff Kevin brings with him a great background and practical knowledge of franchising.

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Formerly a leading operator with a national coffee franchise chain Kevin has many years of experience. Furthermore each Lime regional office is a franchised location itself as a result we practice what we preach. ¬†Franchising is generally under represented in Wales but now all welsh businesses have a local specialist to assist! Kevin offers a free initial feasibility meeting and along with Limes other offices can bring a national presence to all businesses in this region. It is that national presence which allows us to recruit more franchisees. Lime’s executives carry out mutually convenient meetings around the country for their clients. The company is directly responsible for almost 2,000 franchise start ups since 1993. Revenues from those startups have created multi million royalty streams for numerous brands and turned local firms into nationwide businesses. Kevin is now perfectly placed to do the same for many welsh businesses.

Franchise Consulting in South Wales

By offering Limes Franchise Consulting service in South Wales the company is committing itself to the area. Born and bred in South Wales and a lifelong Cardiff City fan Kevin knows the region and it’s people very well. Kevin said, “There is no other franchise consulting firm that offers a local welsh presence. We’re not confined to just offering franchise consulting in South Wales either because I have responsibility for the whole country. If a business wants to launch a franchise in Wrexham I’ll be there. I aim to raise the profile of franchising and help all Welsh businesses to expand throughout the UK. Franchising a business is an amazing strategy to expand and Lime knows everything there is about franchising. As a result, we’re now the best franchise specialists for welsh business owners to speak to!”

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The Lime Licensing Group website has a dedicated page for those business who need Franchise Consulting in South Wales, you can visit the welsh franchise page here. Furthermore, Kevin and the Lime Licensing team also manage one of the internets largest franchise directories The site also features over 500 other franchise brands. Needless to say all Lime clients receive a complimentary advert.

If you’d like to know more about Lime’s unique service call Kevin on 07527 508203 or fill in your details on the contact page.





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