Franchise Jobs

IMG_5011-300x157 Franchise is a new recruitment agency aimed directly at fulfilling franchise jobs for franchise brands.

For many years Lime has helped many franchising professionals into employment. So, the launch of this niche agency merely formalises a situation that already existed. However, with the growth of Lime into a national organisation we were increasingly assisting in this role so the time came to create a department that specialises in doing this important piece of work.

Franchise Jobs

New franchisors usually rely on Lime to do run their franchise department for them. As a result the brands we work with grow and eventually the time comes to appoint someone full time within the business. At this point we can draw up a shortlist of franchise executives, interview them and put forward a short list to meet you. You’ll know that their credentials stack up because we’ve already checked that. They will also possess the right personality to work in your sector. This service saves you time and allows you to meet pre qualified executives that are right for your company.

Franchise Staff

Like many industries staff can come and go. If you are an experienced professional who has worked in the franchise industry at any level then register your details on We are in touch with most franchisors around the UK and know what vacancies are about to come about. We also know which employers are looking for interim roles and part time roles. Many franchisors like to employ non exec Directors with specific franchise experience to guide their decision making too. We know who these non execs are and what they can bring to the party.

All major job boards

Unlike other recruitment agencies who work with a small pool of franchisors and franchise staff we have access to every major job board as well! This means we can bring more options to franchisors who want to employ staff. It’s a unique partnership that elevates FranchiseStaff above any other franchise recruitment agency. It also means we have people on our team who are REC qualified and work to the highest industry standards. Rec-Members-300x71 Franchise Jobs

Check out the franchise staff website or call Kevin Thomas today on 07527 508203 to find out more.