Why teams are better franchise recruiters

A pack of huskies pull a sledge faster than a single dog. When it comes to selling franchises Lime’s team of six full time professional franchise recruiters will sell more franchises than a solitary franchise manager. To be blunt if you’re selling anything at all then six people will sell more than one! IMG_4550-300x172 Franchise Recruiters - who's pulling your sledge?Lime’s recruitment team covers more ground, deals with more leads and gets face to face with more franchisees than you could ever do on your own.

Franchisee marketing paid for by us

We promote our clients through our own lead generation too. For example, through our websites, PR, regional and national franchise events, and social media. Furthermore we have a database of over 25,000 potential franchisees on our books. As a result, when you add your own marketing budget to ours your sledge can really starts flying.

From Margate to Manchester, Cornwall to Canvey Island, our regionally based offices cut your recruitment costs and ramp up your sales message. This is because we can get face to face with potential franchises faster and cheaper than you can. Additionally, we also meet more potential franchise buyers because a local meeting is a lower hurdle than a four hour drive. 

The right time for franchise recruiters to double down

Winter is about to kick in and then it’s the all important seasonal window of New Year resolutions. So, speak to Lime today about harnessing our hungry team during the critical next few months for your recruitment efforts. If you prefer just fill in this online form and our Regional Director for your area will call you back.

huskys-1024x501 Franchise Recruiters - who's pulling your sledge?

Recruiting with a professional team of franchise recruiters, Lime Licensing Group’s Regional Offices cover all of the UK. We are planning to open an office in Ireland shortly and also Canada in the New Year. As a result we will be able to introduce our clients to the North American market in 2020.

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