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2022 – Is it finally time to be your own boss?

Are you one of the many people who long to work for themselves but are nervous about taking the leap? Consider this – if you wait for perfect weather conditions you will never set sail!

Having worked for nearly 40 years, the first half of my career self-employed and the latter employed, (most recently as the MD of a large franchise network) the time was right in 2021 for me to start my own business. My story is one of many successful franchisee case studies out there that our company has been involved in.

My first step was to invest in Carl Reader’s book – Boss It. It is well worth the read and will help clarify whether being your own boss is right for you. Carl also outlines an alternative method of starting your own business – by becoming a franchisee.

Franchisee Case Studies in 2022

Having been in the franchise industry for nearly 20 years I took my own advice and became a franchisee with Lime Licensing. This has turbo-charged my business as Lime provided everything I needed from mentoring, marketing, websites, systems, processes etc. but most importantly, a fantastic group of high experienced colleagues who collaborate on projects, share experiences and knowledge. I could have started my own consultancy business however, the decision to join a franchise network has already paid for itself as just seven months in my director’s loan is fully repaid, the business is making a profit and I am completely in control of who I work with as I get to choose my clients.

A work life balance achieved.

The personal benefits of being your own boss are huge. I no longer wake up to an alarm clock, I have a short 10 metre commute to my home office and my wife has joined me in the business, taking care of the administration and freeing me to focus on helping franchisors build their franchise networks.

In 2022 we plan to enjoy longer weekends and have already compiled our ‘Friday list’ – long weekends away, cultural experiences including museums & restaurants and long dog walks on West Wittering beach.

Over the next 12 months, provided our business continues on the same trajectory, we will replace both our incomes from our previous careers. Money was never the motivating factor to leave the world of employment but we certainly want a return on our time invested.

So, if you are thinking of taking the leap, you can contact me here. We may even have a franchise business that could work for you!

Whatever you choose to do in 2022, whether that is to remain employed, start your own business or become a franchisee, I wish you every success.



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