I want to franchise my business

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I want to franchise my business is a statement we often here. How to do it and why are the next two questions!

When a company becomes a franchisor it has a new income stream and a fresh department. The new department isn’t supplying the usual products or service associated with that company anymore. As a result it isn’t interacting with the same clients it used to either. A new franchisor is selling a whole new product or service to a brand new untapped customer base. That product is a franchise opportunity. So if I was a baker and decided that I want to franchise my business then I’m going to be selling franchises now not bread. Furthermore it will be to people I would never have encountered or ever done business with before.

Why should anyone go down the route of franchising a business?

What does every new product need to succeed? It needs demand from customers, those customers are potential franchisees and there are more of those customers now than at any other time in history. If a new town opened with 200,000 people in a whole load of businesses would move in to meet that demand. Tradespeople, hotels, cafes, petrol stations, salons, every type of shop and home and professional service to cater for those 200,000 people. So too would various business support firms to cater the businesses those 200,000 people created. This is what potential Franchisors need to be thinking now. Except there’s not going to be 200,000 new potential customers theres going to 7 million or more unemployed next year – a lot of those end up looking to buy a franchise.

So should any local business be looking to launch a franchise next year? Yes, Yep, Yeah, Yup, Yes again and Yolo.

Your franchise department

If you want to franchise your own business then Lime Licensing Group are the people to speak to. We’ve created well over 100 franchise systems who have recruited around 2,200 franchisees between them. Interest in franchising is at record levels. When you hire Lime we act as  your own franchise department. We provide expert guidance on every issue you face and are about to face. Daily we speak with potential franchise owners and move them through a recruitment process. Following that we can then work with you in whatever capacity you like to support your franchise activities with each new franchise owner.

Take the first step today and contact a Lime professional by filling in the form below or calling us on 01274 662001. We have offices around the UK.

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