Thinking of Starting a Franchise Career?

As you reach or near the age of retirement many will presume you’re setting yourself up for a quiet sedentary lifestyle—but for those who quite simply don’t want to “go gently into that good night”, a career in franchising can be a tremendous way to make the most of those twilight years. Franchisors are always looking for capable hands to steer their company—this is where your life’s worth of experience comes in. This experience is just one of the many good reasons a franchisor will have for choosing a more experienced operator for their franchising opportunity.

The Knowledge Gap

One of the biggest draws you’ll hold in the eyes of a franchisor will be the knowledge and experience you’ve amassed over the years. This is invaluable when it comes to overseeing a business in a franchise capacity—no matter what your previous career path you will have developed a broad and varied understanding that will help you demonstrate your value.

Make The Most Of Your Networking Contacts

The success of many franchising opportunities often depends on the business contacts they can draw on and how fast they can put those into action—this is where your experience can really make a difference. Whether you started with the intention of making business contacts or not—you will have a large network of trustworthy individuals and groups you can draw upon to help the franchise be successful.

Greater Freedom

For both the franchisor and franchisee—the greater financial and logistical freedom an older candidate will have has tremendous appeal. For the franchisee, you get to dictate how much time you can and will invest—and with a variety of options available, you can pick something that works for you. For the franchisor—there is a security and flexibility in knowing you’re putting your business in the hands of someone who has a stable financial base without any pressing or distracting commitments.

A Better Quality Of Candidate

One of the hardest tasks for any franchisor is finding capable and skilled candidates who have the passion and drive to succeed—especially when you’re competing with more traditional industries in a competitive market. This is where an older candidate can really make a difference. Whether it’s through ageism, or simply a desire to be in control of their own lives as they get older—these candidates that are overlooked by other companies can bring a wealth of skill and energy to a franchise.

amy-hirschi-W7aXY5F2pBo-unsplash-1024x683 It's Never Too Late to Start a Franchise Career

Whether you’re looking to expand your business or jump into running a franchise—having a guide who knows how the whole thing works will be invaluable. This is where Lime Licensing comes in—as franchising experts they can help you every step of the way. To find out more, get in touch with us now!

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