Lime Licensing Group rejoins Licensing International

UK-Member-Logo-300x134 Lime Licensing Group rejoins Licensing International


New York, USA 23rd September 2021

Lime Licensing Group have been appointed as members of Licensing International for the second time. The Yorkshire based consultancy group offers franchise and licensing advice aligned with many practical support services. This along with Lime’s other affiliations makes Lime Licensing Group the UK’s most widely accredited advisory firm in it’s sector.

Andy Cheetham, MD said “It’s no easy task keeping up to date in such a fast paced market place and for all that we have learnt over the last three decades having a seat the the top table globally keeps us up to date on all that is happening around the globe in the diverse brand licensing market place.”

Lime Licensing Groups licensing pedigree can be traced back to the mid 1990’s when they engaged with Hanna-Barbera (now Warner Brothers) the owners of Scooby Doo the loveable children’s cartoon character. The team created a presence for Scooby and the gang in over 1,000 UK retailers from department stores like Harrods and Harvey Nichols right down to the local corner shop. That experience with Hanna-Barbera and other licensed characters and even pop stars formed the basis of how Lime approaches licensing today.

Brand Licensing essentially allows companies to partner with other companies who don’t already operate in their core market place. For example, most designer sunglasses are not made by designers, they give sunglasses manufacturers the opportunity to carry the brand to their own clientele. David Beckham doesn’t sew underpants either but you can buy David Beckham underwear as a result of licensing.

The announcement coincides with the UK’s lifting of travel restrictions between the USA and the UK which for the licensing industry is very good news indeed. Many of the worlds biggest licensing assets are controlled in the USA and Licensing International themselves are based in New York.

To find out more about brand licensing you can find out more here.


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