NO BULLSHIT JUST SAILING Press release 1st December 2021

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There is no plan B!

YouTube sensation NO BULLSHIT JUST SAILING appoints Lime Licensing Group to roll out worldwide brand licensing programme.

London, UK: Since launching his high adrenaline YouTube channel, NO BULLSHIT JUST SAILING, Erik Aanderaa has become something of a box office smash. With 11.5 million views of his channel (at the time of writing) to date. His evangelical following of sailors listen and watch intently as Erik pits his wits against all that mother nature can throw at him. His audience react with a mixture of bewilderment, amazement and respect in equal measure. Erik’s channel is hard core sailing for the masses. Not for the faint hearted.

Norwegian roots

Based in Haugesund, Norway Erik began filming his exploits sailing around the Norwegian sea and posting them on YouTube. His calamities, his successes, and his personal views on building confidence through practical experience has resonated with sailors and non sailors alike. In true Viking spirit Erik goes sailing when others stay at home. Force 10 gale? Let’s go see what it’s like – and let’s share the experience with others who would never consider doing such a thing! NO BULLSHIT JUST SAILING is all about getting on with it. Leaving your comfort zone, overcoming your fears and building confidence.

Erik has sailed his Contessa 35 to some of the most spectacular locations off the Norwegian coast. He has visited and filmed the stunning Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Iceland. Also the lonely volcanic island of Jan Mayen on the edge of the Greenland Sea.

NO BULLSHIT JUST SAILING and it’s brand ethos

NBJS has an amazing following, the brand stands for adventure, aspiration and the risk and reward that results from just getting out there. Sponsors are throwing products at Erik to be featured on the channel. His Patreon channel and YouTube earnings have given him a full time income allowing him to leave his job and be a full time sailing influencer. When companies get coverage on NO BULLSHIT JUST SAILING sailors take notice.

Over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram has given Erik has a unique platform to share his stories and to showcase all things sailing.

Intellectual Property

NO BULLSHIT JUST SAILING is now a trademarked brand and Erik has appointed Yorkshire based brand licensing agency, Lime Licensing Group to appoint commercial partners around the world to produce exclusive NO BULLSHIT JUST SAILING merchandise, equipment, apparel and sailing gear.

Andy Cheetham CEO of Lime Licensing Group said, “NO BULLSHIT JUST SAILING epitomises the adventurous spirit that resides within all sailors and Erik’s offshore exploits test products and sailing kit to the very limit. We aim to partner with brands who can produce NO BULLSHIT JUST SAILING products that withstand the ultimate marine stresses. Products designed for the toughest marine environments and then endorsed by Erik in his viral videos. Companies that create NO BULLSHIT JUST SAILING branded products under license with us have a very unique and exciting commercial opportunity.”

If you’ve lived under a rock for the last few years or don’t ever go on YouTube and have therefore missed all the action you can see the latest NO BULLSHIT JUST SAILING video on YouTube where Erik frightens the pants off his loyal fan base by nearly capsizing his yacht on his second attempt to get to Greenland having had to abandon the first effort due to the arctic ice sheets.

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For Licensing information please follow the link below to contact:

Andy Cheetham, Lime Licensing Group

Or call one of these numbers:

M: +44 (0)7782 115993 / O: +44 (0)1423 861555

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