New Franchise Launch – Pestbusters

Pest Control Franchises – You’re never more than a few metres away from a rat apparently, this may also be true of birds and certainly true of flies and other insects. For the most part we humans coexist with these other species however it is not always harmony, so when their presence turns into being a pest who you gonna call? Probably Dave Nash or one of his team of pest control experts at Pestbusters!

Working for someone else has it’s appeal too, apparently. A life time of making someone else rich in exchange for rigid hours and a carriage clock upon retirement. For the most part your boss probably treats you ok, but he or she has a legal obligation to do so, but when the fixed hours, office politics and minimum holiday entitlement lose their fulfilment who you gonna call? Apparently Pestbusters again because the West Midlands based firm has now launched a franchise aimed at those who want to work for themselves, but not by themselves.

Founder Dave Nash explains, “Up until 17 years ago I worked for a certain well known national pest control business but the lure of self employment was too strong for me, I took the plunge and very quickly found myself wishing I had done it sooner! Pestbusters has since grown into a large concern and we are now empowering people who like me 17 years ago want to work for themselves in a recession proof business that, more than any other business they might consider, will always be in demand. Pest control franchises are recession proof!’

The company has appointed Lime Licensing Group to assist with the roll out of the franchise, and we’ll be dealing with every enquiry for all pest control franchises up and down the country. Every franchisee receives extensive training and support and a proven business blueprint that has been at the heart of the company’s consistent growth since 2001.

Richard Pakey, of Lime Licensing Group said, “This is one of the most exciting franchise launches in recent times, not just amongst pest control franchises but in any sector. Pestbusters has a value proposition centred around fairness, common sense, humour, reliability and good value … in fact all the things you would expect in a great business but seldom find these days.”

Dave adds, “The business of pest control offers flexible hours, low overheads and is also very profitable with single operator franchisees expected to earn in excess £50,000 p.a once established.”

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