Selling an existing franchise

Franchise Resales & Your Brand …

This primer is about franchise resales, and by embracing this “department” in your business as part of your ongoing strategy you will grow your revenues quicker. If you’re a franchisee looking to sell your franchise, click here and fill in the form, if you’re a franchisor then read on …

Here’s why you should be interested in working with us to clear out your franchise resales and bring in new blood:

Franchise Resales fall into different categories; they can be trading established businesses, failed franchises that need to be restarted, or impending terminations or out of contract regions that need someone in there pronto to keep the location alive. We currently have over 29,000 potential franchise owners on our books and we’ll be happy to recommend your start up and/or resale franchises to them on a success only basis. Even if you have some “re-start” areas we can usually clear those up too – and not many people can say that!

You’ll sell more start up areas when we directly manage your franchise resales because the activity we undertake generates leads for other vacant areas, and that means zero marketing cost to you for new franchisees.

Your royalty grows quicker becuase our surveys show that new franchisees perform better than the old outgoing franchisees 84% of the time. So whatever you do to clear out your resales is good for your overall network royalty.

You’ll have less negative franchisees when your resales are sold quicker and we all know what a cancer they can be to the mood in the network!

You’ll realise revenues from the “one hit” transfer payments associated with the resale process quicker than you might otherwise be used to.

You’ll minimise the prospect of litigation and class actions should things descend into dispute when resales hang around for a long time and the franchisees start blaming you!

We’ll work closely with you, providing a third party endorsement of your brand, and we’ll share our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in other sectors and if you are interested we can nearly always get you some substantial discounts to lower the cost of your future marketing.

So, if you are interested in shifting the responsibility or the burden of franchise resales to an outsourced resale partner like us at no cost to you then let’s talk about how we can integrate our brilliant resale program into your recruitment effort.

This is easy to achieve at zero cost to you!

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