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Lime Wins Best Franchisee Recruitment Agency For 2019

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Lime wins best franchisee recruitment agency for the second year running.

There is a skill to recruiting franchisees which in our case has been honed over many years. It’s nice to be recognised as a leader in our field and CV magazine have awarded us their top award as the best franchisee recruitment agency in 2019. We also won it last year. As a result our clients are doing better than the average brand. We’re delighted of course but to be honest … we deserve it.

Lime is a team of six specialist franchisee recruiters. Which means our team collectively has won the title of best franchisee recruitment agency. Within our team are experienced franchisors, franchisees, franchise advisors and B2B professionals. Which means we understand business and particularly SME franchised businesses. We under stand the recruitment process and the anxiety that goes with making a franchise investment.  A lot of what we do is relationship building with the right type of franchisee applicant. .

National Coverage

Our offices are strategically spread around the UK so that we can get face to face with more people more easily. You see, when it comes to franchisee recruitment experience matters and we’ve been doing this since 1993. Along the way we have worked with over 70 UK brands and recruited literally thousands of franchise partners. At any one time Lime is dealing with hundreds of applicants. As a result our marketing outreach is extensive. We run at least 400 different active adverts in various media each month. Lime also exhibits at the International Franchise Exhibition in April each year. Additionally we promote our clients through a social media programme that engages with thousands of fans and followers. Portals include Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter and even Ticktok.

Want to work with the best franchisee recruitment agency?

Lime manages all or some of the franchise recruitment activities of over 30 brands. This means we are constantly active in this area. Practice makes perfect and repetition is the master of skill. We don\t know any other organisation that puts as much time into this as we do. To arrange to see us please call our MD Andy Cheetham directly on 07782 115993 or your local Regional Director whose details are here.

We’d love to help you to make 2020 an amazing year!


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