Oakleys Grill & Pizzeria – the Best Restaurant Franchise in the UK.

logo-300x158 The Best Restaurant FranchiseOakleys Grill & Pizzeria is a unique, well-established family restaurant. Now expanding it’s hugely successful business to become one of the best restaurant franchise available. Opportunities exist in all areas of the UK & Eire.

Proven family favourites

A menu made up of family favourites, pizza, pasta, burgers, salads, fish & steaks, served up in locations with character and history. Oakleys Grill & Pizzeria is the perfect place for a stress-free meal or a sophisticated couples night out. Something for everyone is why we feel this is the best restaurant franchise to be launched in 2019. Furthermore, Oakleys is very popular for large parties and celebrations. Each Oakleys Grill & Pizzeria also serves a lunch menu and has a takeaway and locally delivered option. As a result, an Oakleys franchise keeps customers coming back for more even if they don’t want to leave their own home.

A proven model

Originally established in the Yorkshire Dales town of Skipton and now a trademarked brand. The management of Oakleys Grill & Pizzeria has honed the business model over many years with very careful attention to detail. Working with us here at Lime, they have created a replicable format that appeals to a wide demographic of the UK population. This is a unique opportunity to join a special brand with a franchise proposition that matches the best in the industry.

Oakleys Grill & Pizzeria will also appeal to many aspirational franchise owners. For example, Franchisees can join as an owner-operator or as investing owners. Which means if you want to appoint your own management team you can. Oakleys Grill & Pizzeria is one of the most exciting new brands to enter the franchise industry in recent times.

A great investment

A low franchise fee of only £15,000 along with an industry typical royalty structure positions Oakleys in an investment bracket among the best restaurant franchises available. However, there is a crucial difference. In a market full of American brands and PLC environments you’ll be working directly with the brand owners. As a result, you won’t get the typical PLC bad treatment. You’ll be part of a caring young family where your franchise matters as much to you as it does the brand owners.

Contact us today for the prospectus.

*Total investment varies depending on the actual location. A low footfall franchise could be circa £75,000 and a high footfall that requires a full fit out as much as £120,000.



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