The best restaurant franchises UK wide

434F0C4B-2AD7-4F3F-84D6-99F36ACC2C92-300x300 The best restaurant franchises UK wideThe best restaurant franchises always find a way!

A busy lockdown at Oakleys resulted in them almost being one of the best fast food franchises in the UK too! Lockdown came the day before Mother’s Day to add to the challenge! Oakleys is one of the best restaurant franchises new to market. They already had in place a delivery service that had been going since the previous year. As a result they were in a good position when lockdown forced the restaurant to close. As many restaurant franchises closed the team at Oakleys hatched a plan to scale things up.

The best fast food franchises UK wide was born!

The first few weeks saw the Skipton restaurant delivering to Colne, Keighley, Barnoldswick and even Haworth. It was good to see that their reputation stretched further than they thought. The challenge with delivering restaurant standard food is that the burgers, pizzas and pastas etc have to arrive at the doorstep on time. This. means that the high standards and quality that customers expected were maintained. During weekends Oakleys had up to five drivers delivering food. As a result things did get a bit hectic! The staff adapted, and worked hard to provide meals to people who needed it or who were in isolation. Oakleys “can do” approach won many new friends and customers. The best restaurant franchises always find a way even if it means morphing to become a QSR restaurant franchise! QSR meaning Quick Service Restaurant which is now also one of best fast food franchises UK wide.

Changing hours to become a take out king!

Hours changed too because the team delivered from 12-9pm. These were the hours that those in isolation or in lockdown needed. Many clients were in care homes for example and Oakleys provided them with a valued service. As result the experience really enhanced their reputation. the take out service will continue now everyday for the foreseeable future. Adapting to different scenarios is what the best restaurant franchises do.
Grabbing opportunity when it comes is an entrepreneurial mindset. So the team at Oakleys took the chance to refurbish the entire restaurant. Oakleys also hired the ‘chalkmaster’, who has done a great job with his artwork. Oakleys also set about making their own cheesecakes, that have been so popular they literally cannot make them fast enough! When the restaurant reopens they’ll be a mainstay on the menu. Have a look at them on the Oakleys Facebook page. Cosmos flowers in nearby Ilkley created a flower wall and added some lights that look great during the evening.

The future at Oakley’s restaurant

The success of the business even during lockdown has seen the team sign a new 10 year lease. Oakleys is ready for the re-opening and to engage with those people who are looking at QSR restaurant franchises as well as more traditional restaurant franchise formats like Oakleys was pre lockdown. With the teams amazing results during lockdown the reopening has turned what was a great franchise anyway into a superbly profitable business. The best restaurant franchises all need to be versatile and offer the benefits of a QSR franchise and take away franchise too.

Oakleys is tipped to be one of the best restaurant franchises UK wide.7AEC8D08-ADEF-49FF-AA4C-C0E649642710-300x298 The best restaurant franchises UK wide

If you would like any information about franchising then please call Andy Cheetham on 07782 115993
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