The International Franchise Exhibition

IMG_2523-300x225 The International franchise exhibition top visitor tipsThe International Franchise Exhibition in the UK can be an exhausting place visit. So it makes sense to plan your visit carefully. Held every spring there are hundreds of exhibitors who attend the two-day event. With so much to see here are a few tips when visiting any franchise exhibition.

Remember you’re only getting a snapshot

Not every franchise attends the international franchise exhibition. There are something over 1000 franchise systems in the UK so whilst it’s good to visit a franchise exhibition remember your leg work should be done online not offline. Use a resource like The show as a chance to meet franchise people and to discuss with other industry experts what is going on.

At the 2019 International Franchise Exhibition, Lime Licensing Group had the usual bright green stand. This is the only major exhibition we attend each year. As a result, if you missed the show be sure to attend one of the little regional exhibitions or one of our discovery days from our regional offices.

Remember it’s a two-way street

Walking onto a franchisors stand and showing interest is always a good thing. However, remember that you will be judged on your appearance and demeanour. All the best franchisors turn franchisees down. Having the money isn’t enough. Demonstrating your professional approach matters greatly. We’ve even seen high investment B2B franchisors exhibiting and potential franchisees rock up in shorts and flip flops.

Be realistic

All shows, not just the International Franchise Exhibition want to meet serious candidates. So, if you can only bring £5,000 to the party don’t waste your time or anyone elses enquiring about a £35,000 franchise. The banks won’t support you. The same also applies to your personal skill set. Franchisors need you to have the right skills to replicate their franchise. If you are looking at a B2C customer facing format and have the personal skills of Basil Fawlty then you’re wasting everyone’s time. Be realistic with your limitations be they budget or skillset.

Remember there’s always a serious day at International Franchise Exhibitions

If it’s a Friday and Saturday show, which is often the case, then Friday is the serious day. Most exhibitors know that the serious ones arrive on the first day. Saturdays are full of prams and pushchairs and you’ll be in that mix. Get there on Day 1, show up and demonstrate how serious you are.

Watch your timings

After two days of exhibiting at the International Franchise Exhibition, spare a thought for those poor franchisors. They’ve been partying hard and working hard. If it’s the last day and the show finishes at 4pm don’t expect a warm welcome from anyone. The exhibitors are most likely packing the stand up and then driving home that evening. So get there early and don’t arrive at the last minute.

Take your diary

Finally, take your diary and make an appointment to see the brands you like after the show. If the franchise you re interested in has exclusive territories then don’t risk getting gazumped by someone else!

If you’d like free tickets to the next International Franchise Exhibition then get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to provide free tickets to you and a guest(s). Our treat!

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