The Most Popular Franchises In the UK This Year

Franchising is one of the most lucrative and diverse industries in not only the U.K—but across the globe. With opportunities across a wide range of sectors and markets, deciding where you want to take the plunge can be tricky. There are a number of factors you should be using to make the decision but before you can get to that, you need to understand the latest trends in the franchising market. Knowing where the money is heading, and which sectors are trending upwards, can give you a great starting point. To help, we’re going to take you through some of the most popular franchising sectors in the U.K, and give you the lowdown on the kinds of opportunities available in each area.

Food Franchises

Food franchises are some of the most visible and popular franchise options in the U.K and the diversity on offer is tremendous. Covering everything from takeaways offering food from across the globe, fast food giants and smaller chains, health food options, and much more. Whatever tastes a person has, there’s sure to be a franchise food or drink outlet nearby that can sate them. One of the most popular food franchising options in 2019 is that of mobile food trucks or ‘street food’. The appeal is easy to understand, with the convenience element playing to the needs of the modern consumer. But what’s really propelled the industry has been the uptick in quality and diversity—these aren’t the greasy burger vans of yesteryear and consumers have responded positively to that.

Retail Franchises

Retail is one of the broadest franchising areas in the U.K and for that reason, one of the most popular for investors and consumers. For potential franchisors it’s easy to understand the draw—the skills needed to run a successful retail franchise are easily transferrable no matter what your professional experience. Flexibility, strong organisational skills, people skills, and a bit of savvy when it comes to selling are all you need. When it comes to retail franchising the most important thing to know is exactly which sectors are trending upwards and which to avoid.

Home Services Franchises

This is one of the most upwardly mobile franchises sectors, with all the signs pointing towards positive growth for the industry. This can be explained by two shifts—the rise in those in full-time employment, and an increasingly large elderly population. For the former, home services free up their valuable spare time and give them the space they need to unwind. For the latter, these services are vital for their continued independence and quality of life.

nick-karvounis-6qVskOfkgZY-unsplash-1024x683 The Most Popular Franchises in the UK 2019

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