Lime’s team of UK Franchise Agents are available to bring your concept into the UK.

3122-300x300 UK Franchise AgentsMany overseas success stories don’t succeed in the UK. Simple messages are often lost in translation. The UK is littered with overseas franchisors who have withdrawn as a result. We then see a UK based version flourish with more or less the same concept!

Sometimes it’s just a cultural misunderstanding. The UK is an unusual multi-national mix with a unique personality amongst its population. Therefore if you have a successful franchise brand and want to enter the UK market then you really need a UK based team who understand the nuances of this region. Our involvement with your brand provides credibility, reassurance and extensive knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. We also have regional offices in the South West, Wales and in Yorkshire giving your brand a brilliant foothold immediately.

Enter the UK with our help

You’ll find us actively working on franchising in all its forms and at every price point. We’re at the main shows, throughout the printed and online media, and in and out of franchise meetings all over the UK and Eire. If you have the UK on your radar as a mature franchise market then we need to talk! The UK franchise market exceeds £16 Billion and franchising reaches into every sector of the economy. A feature of UK franchising is the prominence of contract law and so the regulatory requirements for franchising are far less than many other countries. The overseas brands that have succeeded have a team of UK Franchise Agents or a fully committed relocated employee team. By working with Lime we can establish your UK base at a lower cost. Furthermore, we literally speak the language, have the accent, understand the geography and the franchising landscape.

Many of our clients have become market-leading brands by retaining our executive team. All we do here is licensing and franchising and there is no one who knows the sector better than us.


lime_global_map UK Franchise Agents

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